The Golden Ray Initiations



The Golden Ray Initiations™ is an alchemical system that works with the Golden Ray of Divine Wisdom & Cosmic Consciousness to activate your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body (ascended chakra system) through a process of energetic activation.

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body is many things, including:

  1. Your cosmic light body, self-generating solar frequencies to nurture and grow the seeds of your soul into your divine purpose as matter and form.
  2. Your inter-dimensional energy system that allows you to travel through time to heal the origin of traumas and restore the primordial vibration of your energy body.
  3. An expansion of your multi-dimensional awareness through access to the Records of Creation and the Wisdom of your Soul.  Wisdom comes to your awareness as and when you need it.
  4. The divine template for the manifestation of Cosmic Law and Divine Order, through you, as you.  Cosmic Law is the highest form of healing as it determines the growth of form according to the highest Divine Order, contained within the mathematics and geometries of Light.

Once brought out of dormancy through the process of initiation, your Golden Merkaba expands your capacity to receive and transmit source energy vibrations.  This massively enhances your ability to activate healing and ascension for yourself and others through your resonance field.

Your Golden Merkaba is the bio-energetic computer that connects you with your higher purpose for being here on Earth dear star traveler. smile

As you raise your vibration your Higher Self is able to become embodied and guide your Golden Merkaba in the manifestation of your soul’s purpose for this lifetime.

It meets you at your current frequency and expands with you as your consciousness continues to expand.

You align with the Higher Good and your life begins to unfold in balance and harmony with Universal Law.  Old wounds and past life traumas that are affecting your wellbeing begin to rapidly drop away as you become the embodiment of Divine Order ~ Peace | Harmony | Balance.

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body system receives the cosmic frequencies that are essential for the restoration of the planetary crystalline DNA.

As you raise your vibration, you contribute to the restoration of peace, balance and harmony on Earth by transmitting the cosmic ascension frequencies through the resonance of your energy field.

Upon completion of this program you will:

  • Have received 7 Golden Ray Initiations that attune your energy system to receive, translate and transmit golden source light from the Great Central Sun for healing and upliftment of self and others
    • Great Solar Light Key Attunement ~ Activation of the Inner Central Sun
    • Golden Merkaba Initiation
    • Cosmic Key Rainbow Body Initiation
    • Cosmic Frequency Generator
    • Cosmic Mind Shift
    • Cosmic Timegate
    • Universal Karmic Release
  • Have a toolkit of meditations and DNA activations that will accelerate your ascension.
  • Connect with your God code and higher divine plan for ascension
  • Connect with your Earthly mission in this lifetime
  • Enhance your healing abilities by becoming a channel for the Golden Ray
  • Clear self limiting beliefs that restrict the natural flow of abundance
  • Remove resistance to the acceptance of love, aligning you with the vibration of your ideal partner
  • Bring a greater sense of peace, balance and comfort in your life, especially during a crisis
  • Increase creativity
  • Increase energy and vitality
  • Increase clarity and motivation
  • and infinitely more…

Are you ready to answer the call of The Golden Ray?

Course Information

  • Instructions & Join The Mailing List
    30 minutes
  • Galactivation With The Golden Ray Initiations
    60 minutes
  • Cosmic Emergence And The New Earth Template Of Light
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Transmission For The Emissaries of Light
    30 minutes
  • Code of Conduit
    Text Based
  • INITIATION 1: Great Solar Light Key Attunement
    30 minutes
  • Decoding The Great Solar Light Key
  • INITIATION 2: Golden Merkaba Initiation
    60 minutes
  • INITIATION 3: Cosmic Key Rainbow Body Initiation
    60 minutes
  • Creating Your Cosmic Key Template
    File Upload
  • Cosmic Key Cosmogram
    60 minutes
  • Golden Merkaba Anatomy for Beginners
  • Cosmic Quiz
    18 questions
  • Alchemy of Self
  • Cosmic Meditations
  • Planetary Alchemy
  • Group Meditations for Collective Healing
  • Cosmic Key Resonance Tools
    0 minutes
  • Please share your valued feedback
    Text Based
  • Recommended Resources
    300 minutes
  • Video Library
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Illumination Activation Series
    180 minutes
  • INITIATION 4: Cosmic Illumination Frequency Generator
    60 minutes
  • INITIATION 5: Cosmic Mind Shift
    30 minutes
  • INITIATION 6: Cosmic Timegate
    45 minutes
  • INITIATION 7: Universal Karmic Release
    30 minutes
  • BONUS! Cosmic Stargate Transmissions
    30 minutes
  • MP3 Golden Activations
    150 minutes
  • Golden Sri Yantra Activation
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Healing Glyphs
    30 minutes

About the Instructor

Ahtayaa Leigh

Ahtayaa Leigh

Energy Healer

Originally from the UK, Ahtayaa Leigh is a successful Energy Healer and founder/guardian of the popular and powerful Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent energy healing activations that work with the Golden Ray to activate and ignite your Golden Merkaba of Light through a process of initiation and purification. Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa’s life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation. Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery. At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.

Jacquie Cooper

Jacquie Cooper

Energy Healer

Jacquie Cooper is a yogi, energy healer, and psychic who has trained with the Boulder Psychic Institute. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, whose red rocks formation (flatirons) are a special place of high-frequency energy and healing that helped shape who she is today. Jacquie has worked with many healers, oracles, and traditional plant medicines along her spiritual journey. She is a cosmic traveller whose wanderlust has taken her to many energy centers around the world to ground, cleanse, receive, and support their innate power. After meeting Ahtayaa Leigh 10 years ago, she joined the Academy of Energy Healing in 2020 as a student advisor and instructor to support others and the planet through the global challenges and transformation that are underway. She is honored and grateful to help you connect to the Golden Ray and bring light to the world.