The Golden Ray Initiations 💛



Raise your vibration, heal trauma and attain expanded states of consciousness!

The Golden Ray Initiations is a unique sound frequency energy healing system that transmits the harmonic frequencies that activate the Cosmic DNA and Rainbow Body Chakra System.  

When you awaken your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body of Light you energetically align with Cosmic Law & Divine Order, unifying your 7 Chakras as One for a life of Peace, Harmony and Balance.


This is a special call to all on the path of Cosmic Awakening

These Energetic Initiations are for YOU if:

You’re ready to activate your WHOLE chakra system and attune your energy body to embody your Most High Divine Purpose.

You’re ready to heal and eliminate the root cause of the distortions that manifest as patterns of trauma and disease.

You’re ready to attain a state of being that awakens and raises the vibration of others through your presence and resonance.

You’re ready to transcend the matrix of fear and separation, aligning with the Greater Reality of Divine Order: Wholeness, Oneness and Unity.

You’re ready to become a channel for Cosmic Resonance to activate the New Earth Template of Peace in the holographic field of reality.

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body is:

Your Cosmic Chakra System

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body is the evolution of your chakra system to align with the principles of Cosmic Consciousness.

By balancing and unifying the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within through a process of initiation and activation, you align with the Law of Oneness. 

Your Healing Time Travel System

Through the activation of your Inner Central Sun, you are able to travel energetically through time and space, healing the root cause of trauma and restoring the primordial vibration of Oneness.

Your Template (Temple) for Cosmic Creation

It activates the Cosmic Template of Creation in your energy field so you can create your reality in alignment with Cosmic Law.  Cosmic Law is the highest form of healing because it regulates the creation of Life in accordance with Divine Order; peace, harmony and balance. 

Your Access to Multidimensional Awareness

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body contains the Records of Creation and the Wisdom of your Soul.  Wisdom comes to your awareness as knowing, as and when you need it.

Once brought out of dormancy through a process of attunement and initiation, your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body system massively expands your capacity to receive and transmit the cosmic frequencies of peace, harmony and balance.

This enhances your ability to activate healing and ascension for yourself and others simply through the resonance of your energy field.

Additionally, it protects your energy field from any kind of interference or draining.

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body meets you at your current frequency and expands with you as your consciousness continues to expand.

It receives the harmonics of Cosmic Resonance that empower you to energetically align with the New Earth Template of Light.

Through the resonance of your energy field you effortlessly transmit the Cosmic Frequencies into the planetary system of Mother Earth, uplifting the collective consciousness, for the highest good of all.

As you raise your vibration and awaken your Cosmic DNA, you raise the vibration of the planet and contribute to the restoration of the planetary Cosmic DNA,  bringing peace, balance and harmony through you, as you.

You align with the highest good of Cosmic Law, manifesting peace, harmony and balance through the cosmic perspective

Old wounds and past life traumas that are affecting your wellbeing begin to rapidly drop away as you become the beautiful embodiment of Divine Order.

Cosmic Guardians Of The Initiations

The Golden Ray Initiations are spritually supported by the 12 Keepers of the Eye.  This name was revealed to Ahtayaa in 2013 (another prophetic year), by means of clairaudience

At Prime Source, the 12 Keepers are the 12 Arc-Angles (Archangels) emanating from the Great Central Sun, governing the underlying sacred geometrical architecture of reality in the zero-point field.

During your initiations these powerful, loving and compassionate energies will be with you to help guide the activations for the highest good.

Communicating through our hearts, the 12 Keepers are the cosmic forces that balance the Universe.  They carry the Codes of Illumination that awaken the forces of Divine Order, heralding civilizations that live in connection with Cosmic Law; peace, harmony and balance.

Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body
Initiation Series

Full Course Content

    30 minutes
  • What is the Golden Ray?
    30 minutes
  • What are Golden Ray Activations?
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Emergence And The New Earth Template Of Light
    30 minutes
  • Code of Conduit
    Text Based
  • Cosmic Key Resonance Tools
    0 minutes
  • What is your Inner Central Sun?
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Heart Resonance Sound Frequency Attunement
    30 minutes
  • Activating Your Quartz Healing Crystal
    File Upload
  • Guided Great Solar Light Key Attunement
    30 minutes
  • Decoding The Great Solar Light Key
  • The Importance of Intention & Attention
    30 minutes
  • What is your Golden Merkaba?
  • Golden Merkaba Sound Frequency Attunement
    30 minutes
  • Golden Merkaba Guided Initiation
    60 minutes
  • Golden Merkaba Mastery
    30 minutes
  • Linear Chakra System vs Cosmic Chakra System
    90 minutes
  • The Linear Chakra System and Perception
    60 minutes
  • What is the Rainbow Body Chakra System?
    30 minutes
  • What is the Cosmic Key?
    30 minutes
  • What is Cosmic DNA?
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic DNA Rainbow Body Upgrade: Sound Frequency Attunement
  • Guided Rainbow Body of Light Initiation
    30 minutes
  • Sacred Geometry Activation: Cosmic Key Template
    Text Based
  • Cosmic Key Cosmogram Meditation Tool
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Illumination Activation Series
    180 minutes
  • ACTIVATION: Cosmic Illumination Frequency Generator
    60 minutes
  • ACTIVATION: Cosmic Mind Shift
    30 minutes
  • ACTIVATION: Cosmic Timegate
    30 minutes
  • ACTIVATION: Universal Karmic Release
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Transmission For The Emissaries of Light
    30 minutes
  • Alchemy of Self
  • Planetary Alchemy
  • Draconian Implant Removal
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Quiz
    18 questions
  • Cosmic Chant Meditations
  • MP3 Golden Activations
    150 minutes
  • Golden Sri Yantra Activation
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Healing Glyphs
    30 minutes
  • BONUS! Cosmic Stargate Transmissions
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Resonance Tools
    30 minutes
  • Video Library
    30 minutes
  • Please share your valued feedback
    Text Based
  • How to Download your Certificate of Completion
    30 minutes
  • Become A Certified Golden Ray Activator
    30 minutes

About Each Golden Ray Initiation

1st Initiation: Enlightening Your Inner Central Sun

Cosmic Heart Resonance Sound Attunement

This tuning fork sound frequency attunement activates, energizes and illuminates the portal the Inner Central Sun in your heart, stimulating the Cosmic Heart Resonance of Source to flow through your whole energy system.

The Cosmic Heart Resonance (or simply ‘Cosmic Resonance’) is the vibration of Oneness, Wholeness and Unconditional Love.  It contains the light codes of Divine Order and Cosmic Law and it is the frequency of Harmony, Peace and Balance.

Guided Great Solar Light Key Initiation

Duration: 25 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

During this powerful ascension key attunement, the Inner Central Sun of your Heart is initiated to receive the Cosmic Frequencies of Light from the Source of Creation in the Great Central Sun.

The Inner Central Sun is your gateway to Source and the Golden Akashic Records of your soul.  It’s the cosmic portal that connects you with your unique Divine Plan to be channeled through you, as your life.

When you are attuned to the Great Solar Light Key you open a sacred connection between your Inner Central Sun, the Great Central Sun and Mother Gaia’s Inner Sun.

You become a clear conduit for the Golden Ray of peace, balance, harmony, love, wisdom and joy to be channeled through your energy system into the planetary system for ascension, and vice versa.

You are the link between the celestial energies of the Universe and Earth. 

You are the key to raising the vibration of the planet.

As the first step in activating your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body and Unique God Code (aka Divine Plan), the GSLK attunement helps you connect with your inner strength and purpose, and compels you to balance the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within you.

When you balance your own energy field you help bring peace and balance to Earth.

2nd Initiation: Awakening Your Golden Merkaba

Golden Merkaba Sound Frequency Attunement

This tuning fork sound frequency attunement expands the frequencies of the Heart Resonance to create the architectural structure of your Merkaba System, ready to receive the Cosmic DNA codes of the Rainbow Body.


Guided Golden Merkaba Activation

Duration: 60 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

During this activation you will lay the energetic foundation for your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body of Light.

Your Golden Merkaba is your cosmic frequency generator that forms your multidimensional light body and is connected to the Great Central Sun through your Inner Central Sun.

Your Golden Merkaba regulates the golden light source energy received through the Inner Central Sun of your heart, meeting you at your current frequency and expanding with you as your consciousness awakens through engagement with the Cosmic Key Template of Creation.

3rd Initiation ~ Initiating Your Cosmic DNA & Rainbow Body

Cosmic DNA Sound Frequency Attunement

This tuning fork sound frequency attunement is encoded to activate the 23 pairs of chromosomes that contain your genetic material.  The sound frequencies open the channels for the Cosmic Resonance to cascade down from your Cosmic DNA into your soul DNA and your physical DNA, restoring them to their primordial vibration of Oneness and Wholeness.

Guided Rainbow Body Initiation

Duration: 60 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

During this initiation your Golden Merkaba is activated with the Cosmic Key Template by traveling through the 22 pathways of the 7 core chakras.

As the final step in actualizing your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body, the Cosmic Key initiation transforms your 7 chakra system into the Rainbow Light Body, unifying it with Oneness, or Wholeness.

According to the 12 KeepersThe Cosmic Key is the long sought after Holy Grail, which receives, translates and transmits the Manna of Heaven (spiritual nourishment) through you, as you, and into the light grid of the planet.

The geometric formulas in the Cosmic Key Template activate the force of creation in human consciousness that enables access to the Records of Creation without distortion or restriction.

This template represents a complete geometric cosmology of the holographic, fractal Universe and the Divine Order of Creation.  As above, so below, the same geometric formulas are repeated at every level of creation.  It is the geometric structure of your multidimensional light body and every cell in your body.

All sacred geometry, mathematical formulas and symbols of Creation are contained within this template and available to be manifested through your intention as illuminant energy in the material world in peace, balance, harmony, abundance, clarity, strength, courage and unconditional love.

The light information in this template is stored in the Mayan Codices of Light and the Atlantean Gold Disks.

The origin of which is long before the Mayan and Atlantean civilizations.  This wisdom was brought to Earth by the Illuminant Ones aeons ago.  The solar light codes contained within the codices were instrumental to the enlightenment of every major advanced civilization on Earth.  The Atlantean, Mayan, Incan, Egyptian etc.

During the illusion of separation, the existence and power of the unseen realms and dimensions were hidden from the majority of humanity.

The codes of the Cosmic Key Template have always laid dormant deep in the inner realms, awaiting the prophesied time when we would pass through the solar time gates that would connect us with the Truth of Universal Wisdom once again.

With the Cosmic Emergence reaching a critical point during the Spring Equinox of 2018, the Gate to Infinity is now open and the force of creation is able to be experienced through human consciousness once again, for the highest good of all.

Through the Cosmic Key Template activation your energy system is able to resonate Cosmic Law through you, as you, for the highest good of all.

Your aura expands and you begin to emerge as a fully aware multi-dimensional human being of Rainbow Light.

As part of this very special activation you will create the Cosmic Key Template cosmogram for yourself. (no artist skills necessary!)

This process integrates the mathematical formulas and geometrical light codes of the Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body into your energy system.  You are empowered to engage with the primordial vibration of Cosmic Consciousness that manifests the Divine Plan of Peace, Harmony and Balance through you, as your life.

4th Initiation ~ Cosmic Frequency Generator

Duration: 60 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

The Illumination is a cosmic frequency generator system planted here on Earth aeons ago by the Galactic Mayans.  It contains the mathematical formulas for the cosmic frequencies of Light. It receives and transmits cosmic frequencies from the infinite Source of Creation in the Great Central Sun translating the fractal formulas of light into life giving, illuminant energy that can be used by humanity to create reality from the infinite supply of light from Source in alignment with Cosmic Law, peace, harmony and balance.

This attunement links your energy system to the Earth’s Solar Portals and the frequencies of the New Earth Template of Light. 

You only need to listen once to receive the attunement.  It’s common to fall asleep during the activation. If this happens it’s a good thing.  Your conscious thinking mind is stepping out of the way to allow the activation to embed in your subconscious.  Even if you fall asleep, the codes of illumination will blend with your energy system right away, adjusting your frequency in steps that are for your highest good in the manifestation of your divine plan for the highest good of all.

That said, feel free to re-listen as many times as you wish.  For example, you may wish to listen again if you fell asleep so that you can experience the activation with full awareness.

5th Initiation ~ Cosmic Mind Shift

Duration: 30 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

With this attunement you will:

  • open a mindgate linking your mind with the Cosmic Mind and the intelligence of the Universe.
  • release the burdens of the mind by handing over your thoughts to be guided by Spirit to right thinking and right action in the manifestation of your divine plan for the highest good of all.
  • dissolve old template mental programming that is based in fear, lack and limitation.
  • strengthen your telepathic connection with your multidimensional star family so you can send and receive messages with clarity in the advancement of your divine plan.
  • drop all self deceptions that distort your perception of reality and connect with the Truth of who you are as a cosmic being of light.
  • dissolve self limiting thought patterns.
6th Initiation ~ Cosmic Timegate

Duration: 45 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

With the help of the Galactic Mayans, activate a cosmic time gate in your energy field that you can use to go beyond linear time.

You can step into your cosmic time gate at any time to call into your NOW the light information from any space, time or dimension that will help you in the manifestation of your highest good, and the highest good of all NOW.

Enter the stargate with your questions and intentions and allow the light to come to you.

7th Initiation ~ Universal Karmic Release

Duration: 30 Minutes
Format: Online
Facilitator: Ahtayaa Leigh

Locate the root of any and all karmic residues or energetic distortions left anywhere in your multidimensional energy field from the old template and dissolve all associated energies into the New Earth Template of Light to be healed FOREVER!

Free yourself from the trials and stories of the past and release yourself from anxiety about the future!

What To Expect

As you work with these energies you will begin to notice a beautiful sense of balance, peace, harmony, courage and strength.

You’ll find you have a heightened ability to stay calm and centered, even when in the middle of challenging circumstances.

You’ll likely experience an increased frequency of synchronicity, a deeper connection with your soul and greater clarity about your spiritual journey.   The steps you need to take on the path of least resistance will open up to you with ease and grace.

Just one week after receiving the Golden Ray Initiations I can already feel that my frequency has gone through the roof! I feel so much more peace and balance, I have a deeper connection with my soul’s path, a chronic ailment is clearing up and my psychic abilities have been massively amplified!

I’ve been able to relieve childhood traumas and not feel the pain of those traumas AT ALL! I mean… the PAIN IS NOT THERE ANYMORE! The pain has been replaced by a palpable sense of peace, compassion and acceptance.

Within 24 hours I began rapidly processing past life traumas in my dream state, cutting away fears that have plagued me for lifetimes.

I have a deeper connection with my path, and am receiving daily confirmations and synchronicities that validate my mission and reveal the next steps I am meant to take. I’m so excited to see how this will develop because I know that these activations will continue to have a positive impact for the rest of my life!

Jacquie Cooper

Energy Worker

Prior to working with you I felt “stuck” in a perpetual cycle of judgement, emotional malaise and physical pain. I wanted to get outside of myself, feel more connected to nature and people.

I noticed that within days years of repressed feelings started bubbling up for release.

I encourage other empaths that I encounter to consider the Golden Ray Initiations because of its foundations of Love and its broad aspects regarding the techniques of healing. Basically, nothing escapes the Golden Ray’s healing potential when one intends and is open to its healing work.

You have such an open, loving heart that is so attractive and beckons people to your presence! Keep on making the world a better place Ahtayaa!

Suzy Conley

Right around the time I met Ahtayaa I was trying to find myself and my true purpose here on earth. I felt confused, lost and unsure of everything. I knew I had it in me to be a writer but I didn’t know how.

After my activation I started feeling more sure of myself and more confident. Immediately following the sessions I was able to finish my book in 2 weeks. I felt less indecisive and all of a sudden it was like I had answers to the questions I have been wondering about for years. 

Thanks to the Golden Ray Initiations I was able to find my purpose.

If you’re considering joining the Golden Ray Initiations, GO FOR IT! If you’re struggling to find your purpose DEFINITELY join…. You will find peace of mind.

Lee Sha Prescott

I was attracted to the Golden Ray Initiations because I knew I can heal people with the golden light/energy, but I didn’t know how to use it or I didn’t know if the way I use it is ok. So I found the Golden Ray Initiations were perfect for me.

I started using the golden ray healing right away and I have great success. I use it with other techniques that I remembered and it represents a major part of the healing sessions.

I would really recommend you do the Golden Ray Initiations with Ahtayaa if you are interested in taking your healing practice to a higher level. It is a very powerful tool and you can do so much good with it. I feel it is much stronger and more useful than the reiki I used before. My healing practice has now evolved and I have clarity about my path!

Andreja Sem

About the Instructors

Ahtayaa Leigh

Ahtayaa Leigh

Energy Healer

Originally from the UK, Ahtayaa Leigh is a successful Energy Healer and founder/guardian of the popular and powerful Golden Ray Initiations, a series of potent energy healing activations that work with the Golden Ray to activate and ignite your Golden Merkaba of Light through a process of initiation and purification. Having walked the path of transmutation and spiritual rebirth, Ahtayaa’s life work is now dedicated to guiding others through the process of deep healing and transformation. Her most heart felt passion is helping other healers truly embrace their innate healing gifts and honor their journey of Self discovery. At the planetary level, Ahtayaa leads ceremonies and activations to support the healing of Mother Earth and collective humanity.


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