EarthSpace Collective DNA Healing Activation [VIDEO]

The purpose of this activation is to create a collective field of Cosmic Resonance to support the restoration of human and planetary DNA to their primordial vibration of Wholeness, Oneness and Unity.  This is the original energetic architecture, or blueprint, of human and planetary DNA before any distortions caused imbalance, before there was fear or separation.

There have been many worlds, or ages, before this, the 4th world.  Whilst the records of these ages have been lost to prehistory, the archives of light from the civilizations of light that existed through those ages have been stored deep within the strata of the Earth… layers and layers of memory stored in the crystals and magma.   

We are connecting with the archives of light of one of these civilizations through this activation.  

The name of this civilization was KiRaSon.  It was a high etheric civilization that existed in the 2nd World.  

Ki is the circulating life force energy.  

Ra is the solar power from the Great Central Sun (the Golden Light) and,

Son is sound frequency.  

This civilization lived by the Law of One.  They did not know separation.  They produced beauty and lived in harmony and balance with the natural environment.  They lived in a field of harmonic resonance and sharing that maintained the Earth in peace, harmony and balance with nature.  They had orchards, gardens, art, music etc. The vitality of the people was so pure and lacked for nothing.  There was no thought for lack or greed.  They lived in an open field of sharing what was needed to sustain their reality.

During the ages of light, different civilizations  would come together in a field of sharing to learn from each other.  There was no competition or attempts to indoctrinate others.  Now this energy returns.

Through the Portal of Peace, here on the island of Roatan, I have been able to connect with the archives of light of KiRaSon and access the Cosmic Key.  The Cosmic Key is the architectural template of Cosmic Law; the in and out breath of Creation. The Cosmic Key depicts the Codes of Creation that begin in the zero point field at the Source of Creation, expanding out through the Cosmic Breath, and returning to Source on that same breath.

Harmonic sound frequencies based on the Cosmic Key help us to restore our energy field to the vibration of Oneness and Wholeness, prior to any distortions in the Earth’s holographic field.

It does this by attuning your energy field with the holy harmonics of the Cosmic DNA.

Humans were created from the Earth, and the DNA of humanity and the planet are evolutionarily entwined.  During this activation you will receive a bioenergetic attunement to the primordial energy vibration of KirRaSon.  

As we each do our part, we create a holographic field of harmonic consistency that allows the energies to gain power and momentum, holding vibrational space for new potential.

With all that is going on in the world at this time of both breakdown and emergence, we hold a space of light for the collective ascension of humanity and the planet.