Mastering Cosmic Meditation



Welcome To Mastering Cosmic Meditation

Do you feel stressed, overwhelmed, and out of balance?

Do you want to find peace and relaxation in your life?

Do you want to connect, understand and “belong” to yourself?

Have you tried meditation, only to struggle with consistency, anxiety of thoughts and lack of control?

Have you tried meditation, but thought that you were doing it wrong? 

Do the practices and language make you more confused about meditation?

Mastering Cosmic Meditation is a comprehensive curriculum with an alchemical blend of accessible tools, theory, history, with easy to remember practices grounded in Cosmic Law with the Golden Ray.

With the Cosmic Law of Correspondence we know from above, so below. Our outer worlds can reflect our inner worlds and we can regulate to our own unique divine design by tapping into our energy.

This course is divinely designed with proven, time-honored meditation tools that provides you with the tools and knowledge needed to go beyond the basics and create a meaningful practice to help you achieve inner peace.

Led by highly qualified meditation instructors who have had over 20 years of experience in the field, with our step-by-step instructions, you’ll be able to master meditation quickly and easily.


Discover the peace within you.

Cultivate the peace within you.

Meditation is your super power.

What You’ll Gain From This Course

Quick and easy tools and practices.

Reduced stress and anxiety levels.

Increased focus and concentration.

Better control over your emotions.

A clearer connection, a sense of belonging to oneself.

Improved sleep quality.

Deeper feelings of joy and contentment.

Increased ability to deal with life's challenges.

Course Contents

  • Welcome YOU
    30 minutes
  • How to Engage
    15 minutes
  • What is Meditation?
    20 minutes
  • The Breath of Life
    30 minutes
  • Foundation of Etymology
    10 minutes
  • A Brief History of Meditation
    30 minutes
  • The 4 Basics Poses
    60 minutes
  • Why Meditate?
    15 minutes
  • Let’s Pause and Breathe
    30 minutes
  • Warm UP with Eye Clocks
    30 minutes
  • Almost 6 seconds
    30 minutes
  • Pillar of Light Meditation
    30 minutes
  • Counting by 7s
    30 minutes
  • Kesari Root Practice
    30 minutes
  • Affirmation Meditation
    30 minutes
  • A Walking Meditation
    30 minutes
  • Cloud Meditation
    30 minutes
  • Smile and Colors Meditation
    30 minutes
  • Create Your Meditation Practice
    Text Based
  • Mindful Practices
    30 minutes
  • Mechanics of the Mind
    30 minutes
  • The Flow State
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Perspective
    30 minutes
  • Cosmic Quiz
    6 questions
  • Am I doing this right?
    30 minutes
  • The Flow of I AM
    30 minutes
  • Please share your valued feedback
    Text Based

There are no prerequisites for this course. Just a spark of interest, an open heart and ability to focus on the breath is all that is required.

Let us guide you through the basics of meditation and focus on how to cultivate a regular practice in your daily life.

We will present different types of meditation – from breathing techniques to mindful movement and classic meditation practices. Helping you to build a solid base for further self-inquiry and pondering of the cosmos.


Discover how meditation can open you up, simply by pausing and practicing the tools offered.

Witness how meditation helps reduce stress and anxiety while enhancing your overall wellbeing.

Explore and connect with the most important person- you!


Meditation illuminates and builds foundational skills for living life.

Whether you’ve never tried meditating or you’ve been practicing for years, there’s something here for you.


With completion of this course you will have foundational knowledge and tools, along with practical experience to meditate.


I am humbly grateful for this time and space to share methods and tools that have solidified the practices and philosophies that continue to help unlock the mysteries, the stillness, flow and the power within my heart.

This course is dedicated to the health of humanity, to bring a collective rise in consciousness so that we can all thrive and be vibrant in our own lives, with others and within nature.

Thank you. The light and shadow in me, shines to the light and shadow in you. 

About the Instructor

Jacquie Cooper

Jacquie Cooper

Energy Healing Teacher & Guide

 Jacquie Cooper is a dancer, yogi, energy healer, and psychic. She grew up in Boulder, Colorado, whose red rocks formation (flatirons) are a special place of high-frequency energy and healing that helped shape who she is today.

Jacquie has worked with many healers, oracles, and traditional plant medicines along her journey. She is a cosmic traveller whose wanderlust has taken her to many energy centers around the world to ground, cleanse, receive, and support their innate power.

She studied psychology in Costa Rica and holds a B.A. in Psychology from the University of Colorado. Jacquie is a “Jacquie of many trades” having worked in banking, fashion, insurance, grocery, retail, the food and drink industry, office management, international festivals, pet care, home management and organizing, 20+ years of experience in child education and care. She has sat on non-profit boards and a chamber of commerce. She also is a trained psychic and reiki master. Jacquie is a PADI certified Dive Master. She completed silent meditations and vipassanas as well as yoga training, retreats, and 150 YTT in Southeast Asia, North America and Central America. Jacquie Cooper is honored to be able to volunteer in community and to have witnessed births and deaths.

After meeting Ahtayaa Leigh 10 years ago, she joined the Academy of Energy Healing in 2020 as a student advisor and instructor to support others and the planet through the global challenges and transformation that are underway. She is honored and grateful to help you connect to the Golden Ray and bring light to the world.

This class was an absolute pleasure. I had only been introduced to meditation through apps and at the end of yoga classes. I had a limited knowledge of meditation. I always wondered if I was “doing it wrong”?Jacquie has a wealth of knowledge and a gentle demeanor who guides you through the process in an open and nonjudgmental way. I never really understood what meditation was and what it could actually mean. The ah-ha moment of “there is no wrong way” was empowering! After her class I see the potential, power and purpose of meditation. I am no longer intimidated or feel like a fraud. I understand the tools and see that I was actually intuitively already doing it. Take this class. It will make your brain happier!

– Marnie Warren

I thoroughly enjoyed and benefited from Mastering Cosmic Meditation class! We covered a variety of guided techniques, many of which were self-paced to accommodate for all students, beginners to seasoned meditators alike.  Jacquie Cooper is a knowledgeable and supportive instructor, highly recommended!

– Ann Margaret

This past winter I took Mastering Cosmic Meditation class and learned so much! I loved learning the history behind the different practices. We learned about the tools that were involved, many of which I could find at my own home. I loved being able to practice different styles of meditation with someone  to have a better understanding of how to do it! I would highly recommend taking Jacquie’s classes. I look forward to taking it again, as I’m sure I will learn even more!

– Carol Dodds

We all search for that friend to comfort us, that teacher to guide us, that place to help us shut out the world. Jacquie’s Mastering Meditation class is all this and more. It’s like when you can feel your heartbeat dancing with joy. Her voice is soothing and uplifting and her laughter is contagious. It’s a perfect charge for your soul!

– Joanna McClure

I’ve attended several of the meditation workshops and have really broadened my practice. Several of my friends have also attended and have started meditating regularly.  Meditation has really helped me find equilibrium during a very stressful point in my life.

-Laura Cooper


I attended a workshop facilitated by Jacquie Cooper for meditation beginners and beyond. The class was very informative and engaging. She spent equal time with each person and each modality. The time spent learning and doing was meted out purposefully. I would absolutely attend another class with Ms Cooper, online or if you are lucky in person!

– Kristy Zado

Jacquie is a bright light, kind hearted energy healer. Her loving guidance and energy healing has helped me to feel more relaxed, find clarity on my path and navigate the world with more amusement.

Brandon Wilcox

Psychic and Trans-Medium

Jacquie Cooper is a phenomenal teacher, mentor and guide. She exudes kindness and healing energy. You feel at home with her. She has a personalized touch to her teaching as she explains concepts with grace and humor. She effortlessly weaves together concepts big and small to paint a clear picture of how to heal and grow a healthy mind, body, and spirit. Jacquie is the bees knees!

Courtney Walsh

I always find Jacquie’s tarot readings to be informative, guiding, and spiritually enlightening. She explains each pulled card in depth and provides insight to the card’s meaning and how it positively relates to me. Thanks Jacquie for always taking the time and knowledge to guide me through readings!

Talia Greenfield