The Golden Ray Initiations


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Unlock Your Cosmic DNA to Activate your Highest Potential

The Golden Ray Initiations is a powerful energy body activation system that channels the alchemical power of the Golden Ray to heal and transform you.

Through the vibrational languages of light, sound frequency, color, and sacred geometry, these unique guided energetic initiations transform your 7 chakra system into the whole and complete Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body, activating your Cosmic DNA and enlivening your connection to Cosmic Consciousness.

Are you ready to awaken the next level of your healing and spiritual gifts?

Get Started by Joining the Free Masterclass to Discover the Secrets of the Cosmic Chakra System

Golden Ray Masterclass

This transformative class will unravel the mysteries of the Cosmic Chakra System, showing you how you can activate yours to raise your vibration and unlock higher levels of awareness.

This is a special call to all on the path of Cosmic Awakening

Discover How To Activate Your Chakra System’s Full Potential

The Golden Ray Initiations activate the higher potential of your chakra system by awakening your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body energy system.

Through an initiation process of sound frequency attunement, guided activations and sacred geometry practices, your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body system comes alive, unlocking a deeper connection to Source and the wisdom of your soul.

As you progress through the initiation program you will journey through time and space, consciously and unconsciously eliminating the root cause of trauma and restoring your energy body to the primordial vibration of Oneness, Wholeness and Unity

You will experience the awe-inspiring principles of Cosmic Consciousness for yourself as you unify the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine energies within and embrace the Law of Oneness as an active force in your life.

When you activate your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body energy system you align your energy field with Cosmic Law – the highest form of healing.  By harnessing the power of Truth and Divine Order, you achieve peace, harmony, and balance.

Your energy field is cleared of distortions and protected from outside interference or draining, allowing you to radiate your positive energy freely.

You experience the power of multidimensional awareness, gaining easy access to the Records of Creation and the wisdom of your soul whenever you need it.

Let your inner wisdom guide your journey.  

Embrace the power within you and watch as your world transforms!

I absolutely loved this course! I learned so much but also the meditations were life changing and incredibly healing. I can now use it not only when needed but every day to just set myself up with the best intentions for the day.

I feel so much more connected, healed and so grateful for all I could learn from this course. It is not only the information you provided but the amount of great video content and further sources that allowed for even more and a deeper understanding.

I feel so empowered with wisdom and feel so connected to everything, like never before!  Thank you Ahtayaa for such an amazing course. I will be forever grateful! Thank you!

Claudia R.

It’s an old cliche, but I feel like an onion. As each layer is peeled away, I find another amazing way of being. The calm that is now me is wonderful. I don’t recognise how I used to be. This course has been the most revealing, exciting and breathtaking experience and worth every single minute. 

If you are reading this, you have been brought here for a reason. Just like I was. Enjoy. 🙏

Joanne M.

There is so much information to discover and learn…the more deeply I dive into this information, the closer to ONENESS and DIVINE LOVE I feel. I definitely see how this is a lifelong learning experience. Thank you from the wholeness of my heart for making this wisdom accessible for all.

Jessica M.

Your Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body grows with you as you expand your consciousness. It absorbs the pure harmonics of Cosmic Resonance, empowering you to align with the New Earth Template of Light.

Through your energy field, you transmit these powerful frequencies effortlessly into Mother Earth’s system, uplifting the collective consciousness for the greater good.

As you awaken your Cosmic DNA and raise your vibration, you contribute to the restoration of the planet’s Cosmic DNA. Peace, balance, and harmony radiate through you, promoting a better world for all.

Join the movement and become a beacon of light for the universe!

The Golden Ray has been tremendously helpful in my life.  It brings me a sense of peace and removes all negative energy that is around me. I just call on the golden light and I can feel the energy change around me.

I use it when I am doing my reiki sessions, when I am meditating and every time I need it. I still do my activations once a week as part of my meditation. Thank you for creating this course!

Michaelle B.

Align with the highest good of Cosmic Law, manifesting peace, harmony and balance through the cosmic perspective.

Old wounds and past life traumas that are affecting your wellbeing will rapidly drop away as you become the beautiful embodiment of Divine Order.

These Powerful Initiations are for YOU if:

You’re ready to experience a spiritual upgrade and activate your WHOLE chakra system, and attune your energy body to embody your Most High Divine Purpose.

You’re ready to heal and eliminate the root cause of the distortions that manifest as patterns of trauma and disease.

You’re ready to attain a state of being that awakens and raises the vibration of others through your presence and resonance.

You’re ready to transcend the matrix of fear and separation, aligning with the Greater Reality of Divine Order: Wholeness, Oneness and Unity.

You’re ready to become a channel for Cosmic Resonance to activate the New Earth Template of Peace in the holographic field of reality.

Thank you, Ahtayaa, for creating The Golden Ray Initiations! I experienced the course as a SHORTCUT to clarity, expansion and focus… and to ground my Light in the LIGHT.

The Golden Ray Initiations is a program to come back to again and again deepening the insights, understanding and anchoring more deeply in Oneness!

Dr. Jenna F.

I am so grateful for coming across this course, Ahtayaa. I have learned so much and what I experienced during my activation process was mind blowing!  

When you were sharing the codes I could literally feel chakras vibrating.

The whole experience was amazing and I look forward to what’s to come.

Mitzi W.

Since starting the Golden Ray Initiations, I have been more energetic and my mind is clear from the foggy feeling that I had been experiencing.

I have an even greater connection and grounding to Mother Gaia. The peace and joy that I had and was feeling when I first awakened and seemed to have lost starting is to reemerge again and it’s wonderful.

Judy R.

Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body
Initiation Series

Full Course Content

  •  What is the Golden Ray?
    30 minutes
  •  What are Golden Ray Activations?
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic Emergence And The New Earth Template Of Light
    30 minutes
  •  Code of Conduit
    Text Based

  •  What is your Inner Central Sun?
    30 minutes
  •  Activating Your Quartz Healing Crystal
    File Upload
  •  Cosmic Heart Resonance Frequency Attunement
    30 minutes
  •  Guided Great Solar Light Key Attunement
    30 minutes
  •  Decoding The Great Solar Light Key
  •  The Importance of Intention & Attention
    30 minutes

  •  What is your Golden Merkaba?
  •  Golden Merkaba Sound Frequency Attunement
    30 minutes
  •  Golden Merkaba Guided Initiation
    60 minutes
  •  Golden Merkaba Mastery
    30 minutes

  •  Linear Chakra System vs Cosmic Chakra System
    90 minutes
  •  The Linear Chakra System and Perception
    60 minutes
  •  What is the Rainbow Body Chakra System?
    30 minutes
  •  What is the Cosmic Key?
    30 minutes
  •  What is Cosmic DNA?
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic DNA Rainbow Body Upgrade: Sound Frequency Attunement
  •  Guided Rainbow Body of Light Initiation
    30 minutes
  •  Sacred Geometry Activation: Cosmic Key Template
    Text Based
  •  Cosmic Key Cosmogram Meditation Tool
    30 minutes

  •  Cosmic Illumination Activation Series
    180 minutes
  •  ACTIVATION: Cosmic Illumination Frequency Generator
    60 minutes
  •  ACTIVATION: Cosmic Mind Shift
    30 minutes
  •  ACTIVATION: Cosmic Timegate
    30 minutes
  •  ACTIVATION: Universal Karmic Release
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic Transmission For The Emissaries of Light
    30 minutes
  •  Alchemy of Self
  •  Planetary Alchemy
  •  Draconian Implant Removal
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic Quiz
    18 questions
  •  Cosmic Chant Meditations
  •  MP3 Golden Activations
    150 minutes
  •  Golden Sri Yantra Activation
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic Healing Glyphs
    30 minutes
  •  BONUS! Cosmic Stargate Transmissions
    30 minutes
  •  Cosmic Resonance Tools
    30 minutes
  •  Video Library
    30 minutes

  •  Please share your valued feedback
    30 minutes
  •  Download your Certificate of Completion

This course exceeded my expectations greatly!

I felt a shift in my consciousness and vibration throughout the course and more so now that I finished.

It greatly expanded my awareness which was exactly my goal. Thank you Ahtayaa, appreciate all you do to in supporting the advancement of our evolution.

Breanne S.

This course is transforming my life. I have had many spiritual experiences in this lifetime, one in particular that shook me to the core and took many years to understand. I thought that I was alone and lost trust in my intuition. It has been through the Golden Ray Initiations and awakening that I have realized my intuition was spot on and that all has been for my growth and spiritual maturity. For the first time, I truly realize who I AM. I can’t thank you enough Ahtayaa and commend you for all that you are doing. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you.

Norma J.

Hi Ahtayaa, I cannot express enough gratitude and love for all that the Golden Ray Initiations has brought into my life. I felt my merkaba field become stronger each time I did an activation/initiation. The more I tune into the energy in my heart center the stronger I feel the energy becoming. It’s beautiful. You really act as a wonderful guide throughout the whole experience and I am forever grateful. “

Lauren F.

Thank you Ahtayaa for this magical journey. I can’t say enough about the power of these activations! I was intimidated when I first saw the Cosmic Key, but I actually went into a meditative state while creating it. My dreams have become so lucid. Seems like I’m being taught as I sleep. I’ve also learned and enjoyed the wide variety of information in the videos. Thank you! and I look forward to continuing my journey.

Eva G.

What To Expect

As you work with these energies, an awe-inspiring sense of balance, peace, harmony, courage, and strength will surface within you. With an unwavering understanding of your inner power, you’ll find yourself capable of remaining composed and poised, even during the most trying of situations.

Your journey towards self-discovery will be met with an abundance of serendipitous moments. Your spirit will be invigorated, aligning you with a newfound sense of purpose. As the veil of uncertainty lifts, you’ll have an undeniable clarity of your path ahead, effortlessly paving your way towards a fulfilling and joyous life.

Just one week after receiving the Golden Ray Initiations I can already feel that my frequency has gone through the roof! I feel so much more peace and balance, I have a deeper connection with my soul’s path, a chronic ailment is clearing up and my psychic abilities have been massively amplified!

I’ve been able to relieve childhood traumas and not feel the pain of those traumas AT ALL! I mean… the PAIN IS NOT THERE ANYMORE! The pain has been replaced by a palpable sense of peace, compassion and acceptance.

Within 24 hours I began rapidly processing past life traumas in my dream state, cutting away fears that have plagued me for lifetimes.

I have a deeper connection with my path, and am receiving daily confirmations and synchronicities that validate my mission and reveal the next steps I am meant to take. I’m so excited to see how this will develop because I know that these activations will continue to have a positive impact for the rest of my life!

Jacquie C.

Energy Worker & Meditation Teacher

Prior to working with you I felt “stuck” in a perpetual cycle of judgement, emotional malaise and physical pain. I wanted to get outside of myself, feel more connected to nature and people.

I noticed that within days years of repressed feelings started bubbling up for release.

I encourage other empaths that I encounter to consider the Golden Ray Initiations because of its foundations of Love and its broad aspects regarding the techniques of healing. Basically, nothing escapes the Golden Ray’s healing potential when one intends and is open to its healing work.

You have such an open, loving heart that is so attractive and beckons people to your presence! Keep on making the world a better place Ahtayaa!

Suzy C.

Right around the time I met Ahtayaa I was trying to find myself and my true purpose here on earth. I felt confused, lost and unsure of everything. I knew I had it in me to be a writer but I didn’t know how.

After my activation I started feeling more sure of myself and more confident. Immediately following the sessions I was able to finish my book in 2 weeks. I felt less indecisive and all of a sudden it was like I had answers to the questions I have been wondering about for years. 

Thanks to the Golden Ray Initiations I was able to find my purpose.

If you’re considering joining the Golden Ray Initiations, GO FOR IT! If you’re struggling to find your purpose DEFINITELY join…. You will find peace of mind.

Lee Sha P.

I was attracted to the Golden Ray Initiations because I knew I can heal people with the golden light/energy, but I didn’t know how to use it or I didn’t know if the way I use it is ok. So I found the Golden Ray Initiations were perfect for me.

I started using the golden ray healing right away and I have great success. I use it with other techniques that I remembered and it represents a major part of the healing sessions.

I would really recommend you do the Golden Ray Initiations with Ahtayaa if you are interested in taking your healing practice to a higher level. It is a very powerful tool and you can do so much good with it. I feel it is much stronger and more useful than the reiki I used before. My healing practice has now evolved and I have clarity about my path!

Andreja S.

About Your Trainer

Ahtayaa Leigh

Ahtayaa Leigh

Wisdom Teacher & Energy Healer

Ahtayaa Leigh is an accomplished Energy Healer, Vibrational Sound Healer and Cosmic Wisdom Teacher. Her healing approach, rooted in the ancient wisdom of the Golden Ray and enhanced by modern techniques and practices, has been an inspiration for many, providing a transformative experience that has touched the lives of countless people around the world.

Ahtayaa’s dedication to healing and guiding others stems from her deep understanding of the complex nature of the human experience. Through her profound insights and ability to connect with the energy of her clients, she has developed the powerful Golden Ray Initiations, a unique vibrational sound healing modality that activates the Cosmic DNA and upgrades the chakra system to the Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body.

Her approach, like the Golden Ray itself, is gentle yet potent, creating a healing experience that ignites the inner light of her clients and leads them on a life-changing journey of spiritual growth and awakening. Ahtayaa’s deep spiritual connection is evident in her work, effortlessly blending ancient practices with modern techniques to create an experience that is both powerful and transformative.

The Golden Ray Initiations


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