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Are you searching for an affordable, accredited online energy healing course that accelerates your own self-healing whilst also earning you an energy healing certification that empowers you to practice as a professional Energy Healer?

If yes, search no more.

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Energy Healing Masterclass

Join Energy Healer and Cosmic Wisdom Teacher, Ahtayaa Leigh, to discover how you too can unlock your innate energy healing skills and divine mission for this lifetime! 

Ultimate Chakra Masterclass

This transformative class will unravel the mysteries of the Cosmic Chakra System, showing you how you can activate yours to raise your vibration and unlock higher levels of awareness.

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Accredited Energy Healing Certification

At Academy of Energy Healing, our accredited energy healing certification courses teach you down-to-earth, heart-centered energy healing techniques grounded in spiritual principles that raise your vibration and improve your general wellbeing.

Our comprehensive curriculums explore the truths about energy healing that enable you to become a masterful channel of healing energy.

Led by Cosmic Wisdom Teacher Ahtayaa Leigh, you’ll not only receive tried and tested energy healing training, you’ll benefit from grounded spiritual guidance and life-changing energetic activations.  These unique activations deepen the connection to your inner wisdom, fostering expansion from within.  This leads to profound personal and professional transformation.

Our energy healing courses focus on experiential learning. Through practice and self-reflection, our students discover their innate healing abilities while leading more purposeful lives.

Browse our energy healing courses to discover if the Academy of Energy Healing is a fit for your personal and professional transformation.

When I came across this class it seemed to be the next logical step to become certified in energy healing. This was more of a personal transformation!! The information was amazing and the class was truly miraculous!

Gretchen Herrera

This course was so much more comprehensive than I'd expected! I really appreciated the personal feedback from you, a lot of times that is the piece that is lacking in online courses but it's so very important!

Crissy Stelmaschuk

The one word I keep coming back to when I reflect on this course is simply LOVE. The attunements and feedback I have been given here are priceless. I intend to continue to use and grow in what I learned here to remind others of what they are capable of

Amy Saltsgaver

This energy healing course overdelivered!

Initially I enrolled to become certified as a Reiki Master, but I’m blown away with all the other energy healing, modalities, and techniques that were included in the program.

It has deepened my understanding, and has already impacted my healing work in the world.

Thank you.

Dr. Kathleen Perry

Thank you for providing this amazing program!

I feel like I have the knowledge and the tools to effectively practice energy healing and spread unconditional love, peace, happiness to all that need it.

I feel like I am more intune with myself and have the ability to maintain clarity, grounding and keeping myself centered and intune with my sprit guides and angels.

Kristie Carmichael

Ahtayaa, I came across your program while conducting an internet search and could not be more impressed!

The information was thorough, well organized and most of all educational. I look forward to my journey with energy healing and continuing to grow, thanks you so very much!!

James Vanderhill

This course has exceeded all my expectations!

It has not only provided me with an enhanced knowledge and educated me in the practice of energy healing, but has given me a profound reinforcement of my calling as a healer.

This Energy Healing course is absolutely undersold…. I feel so blessed and happy that I did not hesitate to sign up. It is priceless.

Ida Estelle

Thank you so much for such an in depth course!

This course was extremely worth it for the little amount of money paid.

I was excited to learn that I receive my reiki master with it as I was expecting to have to take that separately. I look forward to practicing energy healing/reiki with my clients and having another thing to offer for them! Thanks again!

Steph Thomson

I very much enjoyed this course, and was very pleased with how comprehensive and complete it was.

I found the meditations lovely and healing, and I definitely plan on using them regularly.

Very thankful I found and completed this course.

Jenifer Walsh

This energy healing certification course was absolutely the best!

Ahtayaa you are an amazing and lovely soul.

You have made my journey feel lighter and have given me the knowledge of understanding there are names associated to what I do and who I am, and for that I am forever grateful.

Thank you!

Michelle Fraboni-Gaylor

I enjoyed this energy healing certification course so much!

I thought it was well organized and packed with resources! I felt like it covered a wide range of healing modalities and loved the pdf's, videos, and extra free bonuses like printable to help learning even more.

The assignments and grading process was quick and easy too. I felt fully supported and am so glad that I found Ahtayaa!

Deeply grateful!

Sharon Watson

Thank you so much for sharing so many great lessons, content, meditations, and knowledge!

I have deeply enjoyed every second of this course and I am applying everything I can possible can to my everyday healing sessions and personal life.

Keep doing what you guys are doing because is it wonderful.

Emma Nuñez

Thank you for a wonderful experience!

I especially enjoyed hearing your meditations as well as learning about energy healing tools.

I now use more crystals in my practice which has been an incredible addition to my work.

I also loved learning about Reiki and incorporating Reiki principles into my hands on practice.

Thank you again!

Nelya Binder

I am grateful for this course and excited as I apply it to my life and future business!

This has been an amazing and challenging course to take.

Previously, I had some familiarity and training in energy work, but this course has broadened my experience and opened me up to things I previously had mental blocks in.

It has challenged my thinking and allowed me to progress as a vessel of healing.

Daisy Conal

energy healing with golden light
reiki energy healing
sound healing

Sound Healing Meditations

  • Deep Regenerative Sleep Meditation

  • Happy, Healthy, Wealthy

  • Manifest Miracles

  • Psychic Development


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