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Learn how to facilitate powerful cosmic activations with the Golden Ray, remotely and in-person.

What Our Students Have To Say

When I was researching and searching for the program I wanted to utilize for learning energy healing techniques, I was instantly drawn to this one. I have grown more empowered, shed my anxieties and lack of understanding of this field in the amount of time it has taken me to complete it.

The one word I keep coming back to when I reflect on this course is simply LOVE.

The attunements and feedback I have been given here are priceless. I intend to continue to use and grow in what I learned here to remind others of what they are capable of when they are simply reminded of the love and power that is already within them. Thank you, thank you, thank you for this journey of love.

I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking to know more about themselves and what they were created for.

Amy Saltsgaver - Energy Healer Certification

Thank you so much for a lovely course! I truly enjoyed the modules and the variety of content in each of them. This course covers so many different topics and I’ve gained invaluable knowledge going through it all. All resources have been of tremendous value in my own healing journey which started when I enrolled in this class…. Though I am far from finished, I finally felt ready to take the last couple of steps to complete this course and proceed towards my next adventure. THANK YOU for providing this course and all its content!

Julia Johansson - Energy Healer Certification

This was an amazing course. I have grown from skeptical to fully functioning healer. The information is easy to be understood and on to the point. Resources are plentiful and you can spend a lifetime going through them and learning. In fact is non stop learning and a companion for years to come. Everything a healer needs is gathered and presented here. You have done an amazing job and you have really spend time, effort and knowledge to construct such a beautiful training. There are no words to express my gratitude and appreciation. Love and light 🦋

Theodoros Haralabus - Energy Healer Certification

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