Manifest Miracles


Are you ready to call miracles into your life? With Manifest Miracles Meditation, it’s easy! This unique meditation includes powerful theta binaural beats embedded with I AM affirmations and harmonic cosmic frequencies that work together to amplify the creative process of manifestation. The soothing tones combined with life-affirming affirmations will leave you feeling both uplifted and empowered.

Take full control and choose between versions with 46 audible or silent I AM affirmations for maximum flexibility. Whether you are looking to manifest wealth, improve relationships, or attract new opportunities, the power is in your hands. Once you choose your version, select journey lengths from 1 hour, 2 hours or an extended 8-hour meditation to fit any schedule. As a spiritual seeker on a journey from abundance into even greater abundance, Manifest Miracles Meditation is here to help make those dreams a reality!


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