Psychic Development


Are you ready to open the doorway to a world of psychic potential? Our Psychic Development Meditation is your gateway to unleashing your inner power.

This profound healing meditation has been specifically crafted to help you strengthen and open your intuitive abilities. Our meditation combines carefully crafted I AM affirmations, powerful harmonic frequencies, and binaural beats to help you remove energetic impurities while forming new positive habits and beliefs.

Our meditation comes in 3 separate versions, each with the choice of 1 hour, 2 hour, or 8 hour track duration. By listening to the track for a duration of your choosing, you can heal what is subconsciously blocking your psychic potential. What can be further amplified with our patented sound frequencies that activate the creative force in your energy field to manifest your intentions. Feel the transformative power of the healing frequencies and let them guide you to a place of spiritual empowerment.

We invite spiritual seekers of all levels to explore and develop their intuitive senses with our Psychic Development Meditation. Make the most of your potential and awaken the unlimited power of your intuition.


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