Deep Regenerative Sleep Meditation


Are you having trouble sleeping?

Let this Regenerative Sleep Meditation help you drift off into a deep, healing sleep. This is the perfect way to get back on track with your natural sleeping patterns.

This Regenerative Sleep Meditation contains the nurturing sound of tropical forest rain, making it feel like you’re being hugged by Mother Earth.  Each track is embedded with the harmonic sound frequencies of the Golden Ray (Golden Ratio), the perfect harmonic resonance to bring comfort and peace to your nights' sleep. With binaural beats and silent I AM affirmations for positive subliminal messaging, this tailored audio experience will help you create a consistent routine of good sleep.

Your Instant Download Includes:

  • 1, 2 and 9 hour versions.
  • Subliminal I AM affirmations and binaural beats to help you establish consistent restorative sleep patterns.
  • Embedded with harmonic Cosmic Frequencies that amplify the creative process of manifestation.

Regenerative Sleep Meditation will transport you off into that dreamy state, helping you to achieve a deep, calming sleep in no time. And when you wake up, you’ll have more energy and clarity – helping you to stay productive during the day.


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