Golden Ray Activator Certification – Enrollment


The Golden Ray Initiations series is a prerequisite to enroll in this course.

If you’re new to The Golden Ray Initiations please enroll HERE.

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As a Certified Golden Ray Activator you are empowered to:

  • facilitate the initiation of the Cosmic DNA/Golden Merkaba Rainbow Body.
  • receive and transmit the healing power of the Cosmic Heart Resonance.

With a transformational blend of theory, practice and energetic attunement, the Golden Ray Activator certification is a one-of-a-kind, comprehensive online energy healing course that teaches you how to facilitate powerful healing activations channeling the Golden Ray and Cosmic Frequencies of the Rainbow Body.

The Cosmic Frequencies transmute chaos into order and separation into unity.  They empower the 7 Cosmic Laws

of Creation to be active forces in your energy field, allowing the process of creation to unfold in alignment with Divine Order; in peace, harmony and balance.

Golden Ray Initiations restore the recipients’ energy field to its primordial vibration of Oneness, before any distortions were created.

They realign and entrain the energy field to resonate with Cosmic Law, and in the process eliminate the root cause of energetic distortions that cause illness and trauma.

Energetic distortions are completely eliminated because these distortions can only be created where there is a deviation from Cosmic Law.

When the energy body remains balanced and distortion-free, the whole energy system (physical, emotional, mental and spiritual) becomes balanced and the effects of dis-ease and trauma are gently eliminated.